Ukiyo-e revives after 200 years in Tokyo!

つちもちしんじ作品集 浮き世
つちもちしんじ作品集 浮き世

The compilation of Shinji Tsuchimochi's works with traditional Japanese-style touch and digital techniques-which should be called" modernised Ukiyo-e"!

Shinji Tsuchimochi is the illustrator who draws attention from the world.
This is the compilation of illustration of downtowns and sceneries in Japan, using urban style and having a nostalgic atmosphere.

His masterpiece "100 Views of Tokyo", expresses illustrated sceneries of present Tokyo.
Also, he is taking part in the new project "Japanese woodblock prints project", intend to revive Edo-era Ukiyo-e woodblock prints.
The included works are over 200.

The new world of Ukiyo-e, which past and present have been blended, is represented.

つちもちしんじ作品集 浮き世
つちもちしんじ作品集 浮き世

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W182mm x H257mm / 144 pages / Full color
It is written both Japanese and English.
ISBN 978-4-909004-76-5 C0071
Shikaku Publishing

100 Views of Tokyo PLUS / 10 Views of Osaka / Making of landscape painting / 100 Deep Views of Japan / The Jobs Encyclopedia in West Tokyo / Reiwa era Shin-Hanga "Midnight Views in Tokyo." / 100 Years Old Heritage of Tokyo-Tsukiji in the Morning / MACHIBITO / 100 Views of Tokyo / and so on.

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つちもちしんじ作品集 浮き世 イメージ写真

Includes more than 200 works of Shinji Tsuchimochi-illustrations of landscapes and inhabitants in Japan, various drawings requested from clients and process of some illustrations.

つちもちしんじ作品集 浮き世 イメージ写真

B5-sized, wide enough to enjoy impressive works in detail. The binding expresses the concept of Ukiyo-e impressively.

つちもちしんじ作品集 浮き世 イメージ写真

Includes the postcard of Ukiyo-e woodblock print based on the digital illustration.

つちもちしんじ プロフィール

Shinji Tsuchimochi's Profile

Shinji Tsuchimochi is the illustrator born on 1979 in Tokyo.
The compilation of his works with traditional Japanese-style touch and digital techniques-which should be called" modernised Ukiyo-e".
He have created various illustration for CDs, books, TV programs over the world.
His former art book "100 Views of Tokyo" is translated Spanish and Brazilian.

"UKIYO" release anniversary Exihibition - Revival of Shinhanga

[Period] August 5 (Wed)-August 10 (Mon) 2020
[Venue] TOKYO PIXEL. GALLERY (Kuramae, Tokyo)

"Shinhanga" is an ukiyo-e style that flourished in Japan from the Taisho era to the early Showa period.
It received high praise, but currently has no creator.
Shinji Tsuchimochi teamed up with the publisher, "Miyakodori," with the aim of reviving it.
We are holding an exhibition of the new Shinhanga that has revived in the present age.

Due to the effects of coronavirus, we may be closed.
Please check the venue homepage before visiting.

つちもちしんじ作品集 浮き世